Serving in wood industry since 1979, Gülenler Group started office furniture manufacturing in 1999 with VITAMO brand and became one of the significant brands in the sector in a short time. Since its establishment, Vitamo Office Furniture has adopted the principle of offering quality prod-ucts that facilitate and enrich the working life of its customers and of becoming an outstanding organization that is preferred by its customers, employees and competitors. Our customer rela-tions do not end with sales; on the contrary, they start upon their purchase of our products and continue. Acting with the understanding of cus-tomer satisfaction and environment awareness, our company defines the secret of its success as re-alizing our manufacturing – sales and marketing strategies by quickly comprehending the chang-ing customer needs and competition conditions.

       Vitamo aims at making different the lifestyles of its customers, helping its customers in their office lives, and at enhancing their quality of living by designing and offering modular office furniture at world standards that enrich their lives, make them different, with good quality ergonomic, aesthetic, and fit for human health through is flexible, leading, and creative solutions. There-fore, we continue developing new products, im-prove them and make efforts to become better and more efficient. Nothing is so good that it cannot be replaced by a better product; thus, in everything we make, we work on the basis of a continuous development perception, combine creativity, aesthetics, ergonomics, and functionality and create different styles by handling office furniture from all perspectives. We perceive the quality as a life philosophy from design to materials used and from manufacturing to after sales support. Thanks to our creativity, we want to be perceived as an organization that is always different and that create awareness. By combining our useful furniture with smart solutions, we support you in transforming your workplace into a more pleasant and efficient work environment. We offer products and free choice opportunities that will prompt the creativity of our customers, assist in creating more comfortable, aesthetic, and ergo-nomic offices with our knowledge and solutions.   

       Vitamo attaches importance to the office performance of employees, lead the way for the products that facilitate work life by reflecting this importance on our designs, and offer ideal, functional, ergonomic, and aesthetic suggestions for workspaces with our modern line, simple forms, and different solutions. By combining different colors, components, materials, and designs that handle your workplace as a whole, Vitamo put a modern and distinctive interpretation on your workplace. Vitamo product groups are designed for the purpose of providing an environment where different tastes live together in harmony and various types and experiences are blended in a rich and creative way. Vitamo collection, which is diversified with modern and new products, sets out with simplicity, elegance, and harmony spirit and creates a new life and work style, while decorating the workspaces with its characteristics and creative approach. For this, we follow up innovations, observe people’s expectations, and aim at acquiring the lines that express them in addition to efficient working conditions. We are always inspired by customer expectations and suggestions and we act from the standpoint of a design understanding complemented by high quality. 

       In modern markets, where products and services are increasingly resemble each other and offered to the customers among similar ones, the important point is to make difference. Therefore, what is much more important is the ability to innovate, to make difference by getting beyond itself each time, and to attain new innovation ability. For these reasons, corporate management and communication activities are built on the basis of “innovation and kaizen” in Vitamo.

We are at your disposal with our new collection designed by taking all of the needs of modern offices and aesthetics into account.

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